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Sat, June 22
Trauma: Addressing Behavior, Health and Confidence in Dogs



*Animal Communication
*Animal Reiki Certification
*Animal Rights
*Anxiety, Fear, Phobia and Trauma
*Barking & Digging
*Basic Obedience & Good Manners
*Behavior Training
*Canine Anxiety
*Canine CPR and First Aid
*Canine Massage
*Canine Nutrition
*Canine Sensory Management
*CATS: Understanding the Mysterious Creature
*Come Command
*Door Manners
*Families and Dogs
*Fear & How to Lessen It
*Finding Your Calling
*Flower Essences for People & Pets
*Food, Toy and Place Guarding
*I Can't Control Myself
*I'm Scared and Scarey on a Leash
*Introvert in an Extroverted World?
*KIDS: Earn an “I’m a Dog’s Best Friend” Certificate
*Leash Walking and Good Manners
*Obedience and Good Manners
*Off-Leash Protocol
*Proper Greetings:Who Me Jump up?
*Puppy Socialization
*Separation Anxiety
*Spirit Animals
*Understanding Cats
*Understanding Dogs
*Veg Life

*FREE Overview of our Dog Training Programs with Q&A: 6 week Obedience and Good Manners, Canine Good Citizen Certification, Single Theme Behavior, Dog Trainer / Behavior Specialist Certification, 4 week Understanding Dogs, 3 week Leash Walking, 3 week Off Leash / COME




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Donate Your Vehicle to The Misha May Foundation Dog Training and Rescue for a tax deduction. Free towing.
Call 866-701-2277. For more information CarsHelpingCharities/MishaMay

Dedications: Special Donations, In Honor Of, In Memory

Click to see:
JUSTICE'S reJoicers


2016: In honor of Trish Kelly of Trish Kelly Realty, from Michael Bowen, Guild Mortgage

In Honor of Jennifer and James Hettinger - Janet G

In honor of Devon Heckman by Rene Howard.

In Memory of Annie, adopted from Misha May in 2007. "She was such a joy to both of us." Michelle and Scott

In honor of Trish Kelly of Trish Kelly Realty from Michael Bowen and Catey Thornhill, The Bowen Team of Guild Mortgage

In Memory of Ron Wachob - a dear friend - by Martin Bernstein

In Celebration of the Marriage of Debby (McBride) and Jim Ligon, Misha May received donations from:
Don & Judy Barlow
Deidre Cross
Melanie Entzminger
D.C. Hundemer
Robert Kidney
Wendy Moreland
P. Steven Reed

Deb Price  In Memory of Deb Price

 January 2, 1958 - November 22, 2014

 Deb was a graduate of Misha May's Dog Behavior Specialist Program. She was beloved by dogs and humans. She will be missed. May she Rest in Peace.

Donations in her name: Liz Dyor; Lorraine Fuller; Art Price, husband; Deborah & Randall McEndree; Elizabeth Murphy & Bob Horney; Michael Kastner & Nancy Schmidt


Stacey Klene
Sally Cumine
Jenny Gentry
Lynn Simonaitis
Vanya Pashaliyska
Amy Yurkovich
Jana Tracy


Patricia Marchesi

Gail and Marty Tinianow


Jill Carmean

Kelly Beach

Suzanne Opp

Janet Litton

Carrie Dow

Liz Strothman

Suzanne Stratford

Jane Wells

Sally Cumine

Diana Holman

Jana Tracy

Karen Baum

Margie Carroll

Karin Berglund

Judy Greenfield

Dorothea Moore

Amy Yurkovich

Lynn, Alan and Amy Simonaitis

Judy Greenfield


Jeff Allen

Jane Wells

Sarah Reinprecht

Susan Ducham

Lois Cagle

C.A.R.E. Colorado Animal Rescue Express

Sally Cumine

Christine Barton

Buddy's Buds

Mary Kaye Johnston

Chris Russell

Patricia & Steve Tashiro

Bill Yeager

Scott & Cynthia Campbell

Nancy & Michael Hedke

Susan Dechert

Sharon Snook & Peanut

Sheryl Bollinger

Steve Myers

Jeanette Schulze

Marilyn Renninger

Gail & Marty Tinianow

Mary Ann Stringile

Darlene & Ronald Tennant

C.A.R.E. Colorado Animal Rescue Express

Rest in Peace, Buddy. Your gifts to this world have been innumerable! Thank you for your life and service! I am so happy to have known you. (And Simon is too, even though he wouldn't admit it. ;) You were the biggest dog he ever lived with (albeit briefly) and I will never forget how calmly you handled his posturing. He couldn't help but think you were a pretty cool guy.) -Barrie Finger and Simon

In honor of Henry, my first rescue dog - my Buddy. Sue Trowbridge

Diane Kirkpatrick

Karen Berglund

Marietta Denniston

Shelli Moseley

Diane Kirkpatrick

Karin Berglund

Marietta Denniston

Kathy Vujcic

John Takahashi

Margie Carroll

Dorothea Moore

Karla Horowitz

JUSTICE'S reJoicers

Mike and Donna Turner

Devon Heckman

Scott & Cynthia Campbell

Susan Dechert

Serena, MiaMiow, Figaro

Mike and Pam Cline

Mary Ann Stringile

Cindy Miller

Club Amigos

Mike & Donna Turner

Vincent Kassube

Deborah Young

Brenda Johnson

Jane Wells

Sally Cumine

Maddi Gould

Amy Yurkovich

Maggie Couch

K Jory Weber

Marietta Denniston

James Quinn

Patricia Bangert

Sue Trowbridge

Kelly Carroll

John Takahashi

Veronica Gallagher

Reiki with Lisa

Margie Carroll

Jenny Gentry

Lynne Simonaitis

Lisa M Anthony

Luanne Shafer

Diane Drab

Marcia Schneider

Kathy Vujcic

Jana Tracy

Cheri Roesler


In Memory of Thomas Parnell from LaVaughn

For Mama Mitzy, Papa Charlie, 3 kittens & BigBoy from Brenda & Bruce Johnson

In Honor of Abbie's (aka Topaz) adoption - Larry, Terry and Mandy Bell

In Honor of Trixie from Georgia Hart

In Memory of Dizzy, cat adopted through Misha May - Dennis & Ginni

In Memory of Anni V McDaniels from Barbara M

In honor of Isis, the Great Dane, who has been rescued. Woof! from Teddy and Sue!

In Honor of Sonya and Tim Colt, John and Jennifer Bartsch, and Ron Stickle - Trish Kelly Realty

Mother's Day 2012 Special Dedications

Dear Lorraine,
Happy Mothers Day from those living in your heart,and those that want to just plain live!
Lynn, Amy, Alan and Zoe

Matching Gifts
Nelnet Foundation - Melissa D

* In Honor of Steve & Miki Chyung, Brian & Natalie Ford, Jori Gregorio and Chad Theis from Trish Kelly Realty

* In Honor of Blaze, adopted through Misha May, who is wonderful and happy! Linda O

* She is my Perfect Precious Peanut, adopted through Misha May! We just had our 5 year anniversary together! Sharon S

* In Memory of Cheryl Noble, a true dog lover and a very kind spirit. She will be missed. Karla H

* In Honor of Nancy Nelson from Diana L

* Happy Birthday to Cathy W from Nancy H

* In Memory of Bella, Banner and Sport - Loretta T

* Nosey Rosey for Bailey - Pauline Savage

* To Christie & Gabi, In Memory of Savannah - Love, Kurt, Penny & Eva

* In Memory of JoAnn's Buddy by Sandy Gold

* "Misha May Rocks!" - Ben F

* In Honor of Sydney's adoption - Barbara M

* In Memory of Gabe Millman and Zeb May - Barbara M

* In Honor of the Hofmann Crew - Shelley H

* In Honor of Jennifer and James Hettinger - Janet G

* In Honor of Doug, Ann, Maureen, Dee & Reilly - Aunt Gwen

* In Memory of Sydney - Aunt Gwen

* In Honor of Janette Zeedick (J.Z.) - Andy, Chris, Ginny and Cole H
"We know that every organization is only as good as its employees / volunteers and knowing Janette we know you have a great organization." (J.Z. recently adopted two Misha May dogs who have needed a home of their own for a long time, and she is fostering a third!)

* Lovey and Kashmir Ingham, beloved animals of Hep and Mary - donation from Lisa and Bill M

* Thanks to Brown Dog School’s Ninth Annual Adoption Party
* All State Insurance
* The Law Offices of Dennis Gunther, LLC
* VegFest Sponsor – Pet Station
* Nature’s Variety
* To Lorraine May: Thanks for loving the dogs & cats – so many! – blessed to cross your path!! Barbara

 Gilbert H donated his car through Cars Helping Charities






 For posting Jade who needs a home – Connie S (contact Misha May if interested)






 Glad we adopted Zuke aka Luke – Rachel & Zuri B






 So happy to have adopted Clifford - Nancy W






Ringo & Ice

In Celebration of Ice’s Life – Denise & Dan B







Reba and Gabrielle


 Mike & Gabrielle Allen







For Holly’s adoption by Doug & Ann – Gwen M







Sierra & Turbo

Here is a little help toward payments for the sick little Parvo pup – so glad he is doing better – Sierra is settling in well now. She loves the big yard & she & Turbo have been good for each other – will send photos soon – We love her. Barb & Bryan B



Trish Kelly

Congratulations to Joe & Alice E from Trish Kelly Realty

Congratulations from Trish Kelly Realty: Nick and Anna B, Austin C

In honor of Frank & Darlene M, Francisco M and Dwight A





  • * "Thank you for all of the joy you have brought to us and the kindness you have given the dogs!" - Karen and Gary M
  • * "Thank you so much for taking time with us on the phone this morning. We admire your commitment, and we thank you for all you do for the animals." Larry and Anita S
  • * "For the animals" - Machol & Johannes, LLC, Attorneys at Law. Robben, Blauert, Rahlfs & Rohrbach, Attorneys at Law. Vanessa, Kita, Jacqueline, Tara, Darlene and Company!
  • * In Honor of Winky - Kay B
  • * For all the good work you do. Julie H
  • * Thanks Veda & Lynn for telling me about Wallie – Rita H
  • * For membership: Jeanne W
  • * Cheers to you for your dedication. Ronald & Darlene T
  • * Hope this helps. Anonymous
  • * For the good work that you do. Margaret A
  • * Thanks for your wonderful work. Kim S
  • * For the animals - take care of them. Charles R
  • * We can't attend but wanted to donate. Good cause! Norma & Randal L
  • * Happy 10 Year Anniversary. Mary H
  • * I cannot attend but good luck with your event! Douglas & K.Jory W
  • * A donation for a good cause - thanks to Candice Pulliam of Locate Fine Art for putting us in touch with Misha May. Julie D / Norris S
  • * Dear Misha May, We were so touched by your story of Flash last month and your search to find him a good permanent home. Having a border collie of our own at home, the story inspired and touched our hearts. Unfortunately, at this time, adding another lovable friend and family member is not an option. But we hope that an enclosed donation will help contribute to your amazing and beautiful efforts and continuation of providing rehabilitation and permanent homes for at-risk dogs and cats everywhere. Your love and compassion for animals is truly inspiring - keep up the good work! Love, The Hudson Family & Homer and Shiba.
  • * Hi Misha May, Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina. Thanks to your efforts with that, we have had 5 wonderful, loving years with Duke. Thanks for all you do for the animals! Susan & Jules P
  • * Thanks Misha May for the wonderful work you do - I got my beautiful dog, Tinkerbell, from you after Katrina - she is a doll! Thanx, Nancy H
  • * Husker has been such a blessing in our lives. Thanks so much for letting us adopt her!! She is such a good, great dog! Duke & Kimberly D
  • * We really enjoy your newsletter & appreciate the wonderful work you do. Dan, Kathleen, Foxie & Mabel
  • * Dear Ms. May, You generously gave your time to speak with me, and gave me referrals for my sister's aging dachshund. He's like a different dog, 'smiles' a lot now, and gets around better. Here is a small donation for the work you do. Sincerely, Gloria G
  • * I Love what Misha May is doing & love keeping up with the events & happy tails. I wish you continued success & support. You're helping many animals! Brenda & Bruce J
  • * I found you by accident and keep wanting to spread the word how wonderful your organization is. Debra M

To the Ones You Love:
  • * In Memory of Diana Hanks – Catherine L
  • * In the name of Maggie Couch, for all of her good work and kind spirit given to animals and humans alike – to help offset a little of Wallie’s surgery and recovery. I love the mission of Misha May, and being an animal lover, am especially happy with your no-kill policy – Susan D
  • * In Memory of Mary's Mom. Linda Z
  • * In Memory of Sweetie. Joanne S
  • * In Memory of Toley. Stacey & Bill
  • * In Memory of my rescued Greyhound. Jess E
  • * For Buddy. Cheri & Heidi
  • * In Honor of Turbo aka Teddy. Barbara & Bryan B
  • * In Honor of Sweetpea. Jane S
  • * In Memory of Wendall. Jamie B
  • * In Memory of Wendall. Anonymous
  • * In Honor of Smokey Joe. The Maya Fund, Susan W
  • * In Memory of Huckleberry. Rich T
  • * In Memory of Vriginia D's dog. Brooke B
  • * Happy Birthday Bob from Brinkley. Pam C
  • * Congratulations Braden & Audrey P. Trish Kelly Realty
  • * Congratulations Kyle T. Trish Kelly Realty
  • * Happy Holidays Doug, Ann, Maureen, Dee & Reilly. Gwen M
  • * In Memory of Cooper H. Clara H
  • * In Honor of Zen, much loved pet of Anne - may he rest in peace. Krista H
  • * For Samson. Alisha L
  • * In Honor of volunteer Eileen A. Pinnacol Assurance
  • * In Memory of Nina. Kay B
  • * For Blaze & Sophia. Linda O
  • * In Memory of Zeb. Alan-Lynn-Amy-Zoey S, Barbara M
  • * Congratulations Kathleen H. Trish Kelly Realty
  • * Memorial Donation in Honor of Mimzi. Marypatricia B
  • * In Memory of Joe Di Stefano. Florence A
  • * This is in honor of Barbara S's birthday. Pam C
  • * For Queso. Sandy C
  • * For Wallie. Kathy D, Sue T & Teddy
  • * On behalf of Bob & Barb S in honor of Brinkley. Pam, Michelle, Annette & Union Square Pharmacy
  • * In Memory of Lilith...she gave me all her love, every inch of her spirit and heart, she filled my days with so much joy, love and smiles. Dianne R
  • * In Honor of Barbara's M's Birthday. Pam D, Bill G, Brian K, Daniel F, Marjorie C, Eva K, Susan G, Susan C, Robert B, Victor F, Wendy H, Barbara B, Christy W, Betty, Robin L, Billie & Lane, Karen R, Dana-Jay-Madison-Grey R, Barbara A, Denise P, Judi T, Wendy H
  • * In Memory of Barbara's Gabe. Judi T, Karla & Barry H, Barbara
  • Gabe will be missed by many. Linda & Rich M
  • * Peanut wanted to send this since it is 5 years ago she met you. P.S. I waited all my life for Peanut. Sharon S
  • * Doggie Pause Dogs on the Wall. Judy G, Karen S, Rebecca C, Jean & Henry L, Robert H, Mary Jane K, Vicki M, Timothy & Laura H, Laurie G, Martin & Nancy E, Therese V, Kenda N, Kenneth S, Ross & Diana L, Jeffrey S, Laura M, Ann C
  • * In Celebration of Lorraine's Birthday. Mary H, Jenny G, Ann S, Lisa S, Dana-Jay-Madison-Grey R, Sue T
  • * I am donating this money in honor of Jennifer H. She thinks you do good work & wanted me to give my Christmas money for her to you instead. Janet G
  • * Happy Birthday, Doug T. Gail & Marty T, Jenny G, Sally C, Dan, Sue J, Dee & Reilly G, Barbara M, Laura V, Dana-Jay-Madison-Grey R, Maureen, Gwen M, Julie S


On behalf of Peter Piccone for Father’s Day –from Juliet P
I just lost my OES named Sugar – Nancy H
Love, Matt’s Mom & Dad
Libby R, Carol F, Christi H, Jill M, Gabrielle L, Alsoo C, Meridian Hill Publications, Diana B, Mariah H, Club Amigos, Patricia M, Anne T


Debbi M, Brenda J, Cindy P, K Jory W, Patricia M, Fee Ling C, Jill F, Teddy & Sue, Cindy C, Debbi M



Harmony Vet of Arvada

Animal Urgent Care of Arvada

Barbara M, Barb & Bryan B,Rita H,Susan D,Glenn & Maxine L, Trish Kelly, Doug & Ann, William W, Melissa K, Bari F, Hayley G, Delree T, Norman M, Kimberly B, Stephanie L, Barrie F, Patricia M, M Therese N, Jim G, Denise & Dan B, Marsha R, Julie & Malcolm M, Nancy M, Diana R, Jenny G, Deborah M, Martha L, Judy G, Lauren W, Lisanne L, Gary B, Mary H, Kimberly G, Maggie C, Liane H, Kay D, Tim W, Mike & Donna T, Stephanie J, Patricia W, Ballonatics, Yukari B, Deidre G, Lindsay U,Patricia & Steve T,Kathleen S, Fee Ling C, Sandra & Tim C, Gaynor Ann B, Kathy V, Jenny G, Sally C, Kim M, Bill Y, Colorado Animal Rescue Express (C.A.R.E.), Becky & Mark E, Barrie R, Lorraine M, Barbara B, David & Shannon G, Rhonda H, Joe K, Tarja O, Amanda R, Alan & Lynn S, Kathy F, Karen B, Susan & Shannon D, Lynn & Tim G, Patricia D, Elinor K, Jean M ,Carol C, Nancy H, June & Ted B, Rita H , Sara K, Janice N-S, Linda O, Kathy D, Sue T and Teddy, Rhonda H, Joe K, Tarja O, Amanda R, Alan & Lynn S, Kathy F, Karen B, Susan & Shannon D, Lynn & Tim G, Patricia D, Elinor K, Jean M, Carol C, Nancy H, June & Ted B, Rita H

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